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About Me and this Website

This site is a showcase of pictures taken during my field herping excursions, many of which take place near my home in Colorado.  I’m an amateur photographer just having some fun. Over the last few years, I have taken up the challenge of trying to capture the diverse beauty of Colorado’s native reptile and amphibian species.  More recently I have been working on techniques that involve featuring the animal’s habitat in the photograph so as to give you a sense of place.  Several of the species featured are little known and rarely seen.  

Since I was a toddler, I have had an obsession with all things nature.  During my childhood in upstate New York, my father would take me hunting and fishing with him on a regular basis.  Having a short attention span, I would quickly lose interest in what my father was trying to catch or shoot, and instead I would look around for whatever snakes, frogs, salamanders and turtles I could find.   

After graduating from SUNY Cortland with a degree in Earth Science, I left upstate NY and moved to Colorado for a change of pace.  Now at 34, I have two beautiful daughters and a promising career as a geophysicist in the petroleum industry.  I have some really great friends and life is good. I still spend my free time much as I did when I was a young boy in rural New York,  turning stones for salamanders, snakes and the like…   Only recently have I begun to pursue the challenge of taking nice photographs of the animals that I find.  I consider myself an amateur and all photos were taken with my Canon Powershot S5.  I hope to move up to a digital SLR camera in the next few years…

Please enjoy the pictures and check back often as new species are continually being added. Thanks for looking!

– Joe Farah

Contact: farahcon20@outlook.com

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